The Airwave is a two metre high, dome shaped bladder, twelve metres in diameter at the base, designed to make an a-frame, where there was merely a close out before.

The inflatable dome is shaped to mimic a surf reef’s shallow leading edge, lifting, peaking and hollowing the swell to create a concave, tapered wall of water. Because the Airwave is installed in relatively shallow water, the concave wall retains its shape as it peels towards the beach.

The Airwave is designed to work across a wide range of swell and tide conditions. Its subtle hydrodynamic design, allows water and sand to pass smoothly over it, helping to form sandbanks in the surrounding beach environment and limit beach erosion. They can be installed as close as 30 metres from the beach.


Airwaves are simply constructed from a long life, super strong, environmentally safe compound, designed to have minimal adverse effects on the surrounding environment. They are very simple and quick to install.


Airwaves are very economical and affordable to install in multiple locations, along any stretch of beach, creating multiple surfing peaks.  This means more waves for more surfers, in more locations.

For instance, six individual AIRWAVEs can be installed at the same stretch of beach, in around 14 days. That’s six new wave sites in two weeks. Compare this with the twelve to twenty-four months for a typical offshore surf reef installation, with only one wave site created.